So many of you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing my Sidecars and Cigars post. Either you didn’t want to click on 10 little 12-second videos, or you just never got the chance to see them. I’ve been told they’re quite comical, and are used to get a good laugh when people are having a rough day.  So, I put them together in 1 video, and hope you enjoy. Sorry about the audio being a second off, but that happened on the original videos and I cant fix it now.

Sidecars and Cigars from Matthew Scott on Vimeo.

This afternoon I had to bring my brand new 08 Altima to the dealership for them to fix some delivery issues. They are paying for a rental car, and I happened to be waiting at the rental company with another lady who brought her car in to the dealership.  She was very pleasant, perhaps late 20s, early 30s, with a young daughter who couldn’t have been more than 4. We chit-chatted a tad while waiting our turns to sign the paperwork. She was sweeter than sugar, allowing me to go first. I commented how that seems easy now since her daughter is well behaved, and I’m sure she’ll go psycho the second I start, and she’ll regret it.  She insisted, and I went first. My transaction took about 10 minutes. Read more



You would think after 20,000 twitter tweets, I’ve written a book and there isn’t anything people would want to know about me.  However, twitter friend, John Lauber, a Chester County, PA real estate professional, tagged me for a “meme” post back in September. If you don’t know, a meme post typically tells you a little about me, something I normally wouldn’t volunteer willingly. It also links back to the meme post written by the person who tagged me. Read more

This is the first public writing I have done about the way the September 11 attacks on the US and specifically the Twin Towers have affected me. I remember where I was when I heard the news, much like my parents remember the moment they heard JFK was assassinated. The events that unfolded that day, and in the weeks that followed changed my life and the lives of millions forever. Read more




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