While I have gotten some great birthday gifts in my life, My Birthday Garden I am truly grateful and excited about the one I got this year. This was most certainly a gift that took a lot of thought, a lot of time go “get” and a lot of work to “create”. It’s also a gift that keeps on giving. This gift was my garden , given to me by my gorgeous better half, Robin.

Robin and I love to cook, and try to do so at least 4 or 5 nights a week. Yes, I admit those other nights we’ll either eat out or take in. When we cook, I would say most times we try to do something that is healthy and tasty. And the tasty part usually includes some awesome herbs and spices. One of our staple herbs is rosemary. We use it in our roast chicken, as well as on some appetizer dishes we make. About 6 months ago, brother in law Ty gave us a rosemary shrub he had just potted, but it rarely produced enough for us to use exclusively. We also love to use cilantro in our mexican food when we do Mexican day. Mexico DayWe’ll use Basil when we do Italian day as well. We usually would buy what we needed at the store, which gets pricey quickly.

I had been talking to Robin for weeks about making or buying a flower box for herbs. I wanted to plant some rosemary mostly, but tossed around basil and tomatoes as well. I knew where I wanted to put it and how I would like it to look. I even went as far as looking online to find one I wanted, since my building skills aren’t exactly, good. However, work and life demanded my free time, and I didn’t get around to it. I sure did talk about it, though.

Two or three weeks before my birthday this year, Robin started mentioning that she had a great idea for a present. I would be at a conference in Orlando most of that week, and she said she’d have it ready for when I got back. I tried to wrack my brain to figure out what it was, and wrote it off as something wine related, given our other hobby. Unlike Robin, I am not tormented by “secrets” and didn’t ask once what it may be. I actually think that tormented her! I went off on my little trip, and came back Wednesday the 7th, 10 days before my birthday.

When I came home, Robin greeted me at the front door. She then immediately whisked me to the back yard, excited to show me my birthday present. There stood the most wonderful little garden a boy could want. She had dug the soil and planted the plants herself, which made this truly a labor of love. There are 3 tomato plans, 3 basil plants, 2 cilantro plants, 3 rosemary plants and 2 parsley plants. Oh, know the difference between Parsley and p.. nevermind.

Within a few short weeks, my tomato plants had flowers, and then a few budding green tomatoes. I was so excited when our first ripe tomatoes were ready, that i sent a picture to all of Twitter to see! First TomatoesI saved the first tomato for my son, as he was as excited as I was for some great cherry tomatoes from our own back yard. We actually had 3 ripe on the same day, and each of us got to enjoy one. I absolutely love my garden, and love Robin so much for making it for us. we’ve used the cilantro for mexican food several times, and the rosemary as well. We just used some of the fresh basil for pasta last night. It’s awesome.

Now listen, I’m not saying I wouldn’t like a new Macbook, a new Rolex, or membership to the Hair Club for Men!  However, this gift was truly special. It was a blood, sweat and tears project that I can enjoy all summer, and longer if I’m careful. I am a lucky man!  I think I’ll go open some wine and have a fresh salad!


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  1. Jeremy (Discovering Dad) on July 1, 2008 5:17 pm

    You are a lucky man to get a labor of love and genuine birthday gift. Congratulations!

  2. vicequeenmaria on July 2, 2008 9:58 am

    Love & sweat definitely but only tears of joy, surely! What a wonderful gift.

  3. Mike (papamike) on July 22, 2008 6:08 pm

    Amazing! I love the idea of a gift that becomes a part of your life for years to come. And tastes good to boot!

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